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“Opportunity. Investment. Perspective”. Take your investment to its next destination.



Marketing has become an integral tool in the real estate sector for launching, booking and selling of real estate residential or commercial products. Using modern marketing techniques including social media allows us to target a larger customer base.  

Beacon Investment knows what works and what does not work in the digital marketing world. We have a stronghold of tools and techniques to market reliable projects using digital marketing platforms.

       Beacon Investment has been successfully marketing multiple commercial and residential projects including:


Beacon investment offers investment management and rental services to its clients via professional managers. Our team specializes and works diligently when handling the assets of our clients and evaluating the best way to generate income from their property and extract rental benefits.

We focus on surveying the market, letting our clients relax, listing our clients’ goals, finding them suitable buyers and sellers, draft agreements, and manage product delivery by aligning the interests of all stakeholders in the best possible manner.

Beacon Investment takes pride over the property and investment management services we provide. Our team specializes in evaluating options to generate profits from your investments and property. 



With over 1500 clients worldwide, Beacon Investment is providing sales and trading of investments and properties while satisfying the interests of all parties involved. 

Beacon Investment has an experienced sales team to manage sales and ensure profitable trades of your investment property. Our team is trained to keep the monetary value of property units in loops, therefore, creating revenue for our clients.



Increasing demand from our clients for reliable and satisfied services, has let us offer construction and development services especially residential and commercial properties. 

We provide comprehensive services from plots to grey structures to perfectly completed houses and commercial plazas. Moreover, we provide assistance in finding labour and material as well. We let our clients make choices on material type and we produce cost analysis of labour and material for our clients as well.