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Within five minutes drive from Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore and located near Kala Shah Kaku by pass. Lahore Smart City offers 5 Marla , 10 Marla and 1 Kanal Residential plots. It is going to be Lahore’s First Ever Smart City and Second Smart City of Pakistan after Capital Smart City Islamabad. The smart city is divided into various blocks and districts that includes General Block, Overseas Block, Farm houses, Financial Square, Education District, Health District and Silicon Valley. Scroll down to know more about the Lahore Smart City Payment Plan, Location Map, Master Plan, Updated and Booking Status.

With the arrival of Lahore Smart City, Lahore will be further embellished and ornate with the aesthetic and modern architecture of this landmark master-planned project.

The splendor of architecture, the grandeur of metropolitan living and the smart lifestyle of the contemporary era are the building blocks of Lahore Smart City. This mega project reflects the state of the art town planning, diligent designing as well as aesthetic landscaping which leaves one spellbound and mesmerized.

Designed for the future lifestyle, keeping in mind green living and almost zero carbon footprint. Indeed! this is a marvel of modern construction, design and civil engineering.

Lahore Smart City Location Map

It is located on Lahore Ring Road and M11 Lahore-Sialkot Motorway near M2 Motorway. 20,000 Kanals land have been already acquired for this society. Thus, it is near to Kala Shah Kaku Toll Plaza which is accessible through GT road as well as Lahore-Sialkot Motorway.

Moreover, Lahore Smart City will connect to the rest of Lahore through facing Lahore Ring Road. Other nearby famous places included, UET University Lahore  and Allama Iqbal International Airport  which can easily be accessible in 18 minutes of drive from Lahore Smart City. The head office of the Smart City is also near to this society.


Lahore Smart City Owners and Developers

Lahore Smart City is a project of a consortium between Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited. Both of these are masters in their field. HRL is known as Real Estate developer giant in Pakistan. Notorious projects mainly Bahria Town, DHA, Motorway and several others are developed by HRL.

Moreover, Capital Smart City is 1st smart city of Pakistan which is the mega project developing under the supervision of both these firms. After all, Habib Rafiq Limited is the leading real estate developer of Royal Orchard Multan and Royal Orchard Sahiwal.


Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited provides international level services in real estate housing societies. The two main companies included China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL).

Smart cities built by FDHL meet the criteria of sustainability and development goals. These cities are built with the proper strategic planning for long term management and use of advanced technology


Plan today to invest in LSC which offers an international level lifestyle to its clients. It is built upon innovative technology and smart attributes which provide modern features. These amenities are: Ecofriendly City, Higher Level of Security, Green and Sterile Surroundings, Metro Bus System, Underground Electricity, 24/7 supply of Water, Gas, and Power.

Smart Programs and Applications, Locating Visitors, Weather Forecast, Power, Internet, Number of World-Class Hotels, Shopping Facilities, Sports Complexes, Community Clubs and Nightclubs, Smart and Contemporary House facility program, Top-Notch Infrastructure, Special Overseas block, Jamia and Sector mosques, Parks and Beautiful Lakes, Golf-course and Horse-Riding club, Resorts and Restaurants.

This smart city is based on architecture design of art work and represents the cultural heritage of Punjab province. Hence, it provides the Sustainable development and Professional services to its people including all the above-mentioned facilities and high-end infrastructure.  

Activity: Technology and Logistics

  • Warehouse
  • IT Campus
  • Retail
  • Residential Apartments
  • Corporate Offices
  • Technology Operational Offices

Activity: Leisure & Entertainment

  • Retail
  • Bird Park
  • Holiday Resort
  • Food & Beverages
  • Street Food Truck Park

Activity: Religious

  • Main Mosque (Grand Jamia Mosque)
  • Sector Mosques

Activity: Landscaping & Open Spacing

  • Flower Gardens
  • Linear Gardens
  • Heritage Gardens

Activity: Urban Development

  • Gate Entries
  • Road Networks
  • Boundary Wall
  • Landscaping
  • Cycle Tracks
  • Running Tracks
  • Street Lights
  • 350ft Wide Boulevard

Activity: Development

  • Sales Gallery
  • Hospitality
  • Food & Beverages
  • Facility Management

Activity: Medical

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories

Activity: Educational & Medical

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Medical Colleges
  • Day Care Centres

Activity: Transportation

  • Bus Lines
  • Interchange
  • Bus & Public Transport Stations
  • Operation & Maintenance Facilities

Activity: Utilities

  • Grid Station
  • Solar Parks
  • Security Control
  • Police Station
  • Irrigation system
  • Potable Water Treatment Plant
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Solid Waste Management System
  • Fire Fighting Civil Defense System

Activity: Residential

  • Retail
  • Religious
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Food & Beverages
  • Residential Plots
  • Residential Villas

Activity: Smart City Controls

  • Free WIFI Spots
  • Electric Bikes
  • Automated Street Lights
  • Traffic Control Automated
  • Automated Utility Supply
  • Environmental Collection
  • Load Shedding Free Environment
  • Automated Air Conditioning Control System
  • CCTV with Facial & Object Recognition

 Smart Features

Smart Economy

  • The most eco-friendly development project in the region.
  • To promote integrated solid waste management and responsible usage of the resources.
  • Providing the adequate and reliable water supply.
  • Also, to ensure the availability and reliability of power supply on a 24-7-365 basis.

Smart Environment

  • A resilient social infrastructure design.
  • To set a model of human-centered contemporary urban design.
  • Introducing the concept of communal based sustainable urban development in Pakistan.
  • Moreover, to provide the residents with modern technology and access to a wide range of facilities.

Smart Housing

  • It is going to be the first commercial center in the region near to the New International Airport.
  • To attract international business and investors.
  • Creating a variety of job opportunities in the commercial and service sectors.
  • About 90,000 IT jobs will be available
  • To conserve natural resources and ensure minimal loss of natural areas.
  • A picturesque city with full of natural vistas and sceneries.
  • Thus, to provide an eco-friendly environment that is convenient for long walks and hikes.
  • A culturally rich city with a vibrant multicultural environment.
  • To integrate ethnic and cultural diversity in the architecture of smart cities.
  • So, to become a center for the community with different social & cultural needs.
  • To provide efficient and sustainable transportation facilities and modern infrastructure.
  • In fact, to increase productivity and regional growth.
  • To ensure that well-connected networks are established for road users and future mobility needs.

Lahore Smart City Master Plan

Lahore Smart City Master Plan is very thoughtfully designed catering to all the needs of its potential residents. High to low-density housing ranges from 5 Marla to 20 Kanal residential plots with convenient public facilities are distributed across various neighbourhoods.

Green Space Connectivity

The Master Plan integrates the existing rich natural features through eco-spines and seamless recreational trails. It also takes forward and integrates the existing land use and environmental value map to improve the urban environment by infusing a variety of parks and public open spaces.

A Destination to Live, Work, Learn & Play

With the aim to develop strategic growth areas and attract future investments, the concept for LSC captures the radial growth pattern with a large centrally located business district and well-distributed sub-centers and neighborhood centers in the periphery.

The master plan is to facilitate traffic flow, offer diverse and affordable choices and nurture vibrant communities.

Safe Environment

Lahore Smart City is the serene area where one can be very close to nature. Greener landscape infused with blue water lake gives a refreshing experience. It is the best place to enjoy dawns and dusks at LSC. In free time this is the area to indulge in lakeside cafes and restaurants. The residences provide a direct belonging to nature.


Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

Lahore Smart City currently offers residential plots at affordable prices. This is the best opportunity to grab for having a future residence in Lahore. The Residential plots booking starts from 10% down payment and they are offering 3.5 year easy installment payment plan. Bookings at pre-launch rates have been closed.

Cost Overview

Pre-launch rates of residential plots in overseas and executive blocks are:

Executive Block – Lahore Smart City

  • 5 Marla Plot is in 18 Lac Rupees
  • 10 Marla Plot is in 33 Lac Rupees
  • 1 Kanal Plot is in 54 Lac Rupees

Overseas Block – Lahore Smart City

  • 5 Marla Plot is in 19 Lac Rupees
  • 10 Marla Plot is in 34 Lac Rupees
  • 1 Kanal Plot is in 55 Lac Rupees

They started from only 180,000 rupees. However, the price list had been updated soon after the high demand received from the customers due to Lahore Smart City location, developer’s track record and ideal master plan. As per Lahore Smart City updated payment plan, 5 Marla price starts from 216,000 rupees down-payment.

Lahore Smart City Updated Payment Plan Residential

You can also download the Lahore Smart City booking form by clicking on the button below.

Lahore Smart City Booking Form

Membership form is also required to be duly signed and filled; and submitted with the booking form. Please click on the button below to download.

Lahore Smart City Membership Form

Why Invest in Lahore Smart City?

LSC offers the best deals of residential plots in Lahore; whether you are looking for investment or residential purpose in the near future.

The success of Capital Smart City in Islamabad near Rawalpindi Ring Road has brought huge success to all its stakeholders especially investors and clients. Therefore, Lahore Smart City has already earned affection and trust in the real estate market of Lahore and country-wide. Investing in LSC offers promising return to its investors. Investment at the right time is profitable for the future.

This is the best time for the people to invest in LSC as small investments leads to profitable returns. The location is unique in its own style such as nearby famous places like Allama Iqbal International Airport has increased its importance. Although, luxury lifestyle is a dream of every individual.

LSC brings modern living style and technology in one place at affordable prices. Soon it is going to become one of the most modern and demanded housing societies in Lahore city which is filled with all the necessities and luxuries. Residential Plots in Lahore

  • Reliable Developers: FDHL are the most reliable developers; which has been proved by the fast-paced development of Capital Smart City Islamabad.
  • Credible Investment Option: Lahore is the primary business hub of Pakistan – where FDHL is offering credible housing options.
  • High Return On Investment: Limited Land; Limited Availability of Plots will lead to high demand and a higher return on investment

Beacon Investment offers services in Lahore Real Estate. Hence, if you live in Lahore you can directly visit our office in DHA Phase IV, Lahore. You can also ask for more details about the residential plots in Lahore Smart City. Lahore Smart City Location Lahore Smart City Location

Lahore Smart City Development Updates

March 2021

  • Lahore Smart City updated payment plan has been announced and is applicable w.e.f March 24th, 2021
  • Media Campaign has started through Newspapers and Billboards
  • First batch of construction machinery has reached the LSC site for development
  • Alhamdulillah! Ground Breaking Ceremony of Lahore Smart City Development Work held at project site on 24th March, 2021. Investors, realtors and buyers attended the ceremony.

April 2021

June 2021

  • On June 02: LSC has shown rapid on-site development progress –  See Progress in Pictures
  • One June 04: LSC has been awarded ‘Developer Brand of the Year’ at the UK-Pakistan Business Awards 2021

October 2021

  • Development work is progressing at a rapid pace on the Lahore Smart City Site which includes:
    • Infrastructure work of Sector A
    • Main Boulevard, Main road, Collector Road
    • Infrastructure work of Sector B.
    • Horticulture works/Nursery Areas
  •  To see progress pictures of the above mentioned areas, please visit our Facebook and Instagram.