Our team is made up of experienced professional graduates from some of Pakistan’s top universities such as LUMS, NUST, FAST, LSE etc. We have a team of fairly young, ambitious, motivated and creative individuals who are fueling Beacon Investment and willing to take it to the top. Each member of our team is a specialist in their particular field.

  • The team guarantees to enhance your skills and expertise to make sure you’ll be ready for any challenges ahead.
  • Our team will push you to the limits to discover your hidden talents and abilities you didn’t know you had.
  • Selected candidates will then be given the chance to be a part of Beacon Investment.
As a real estate firm, our clients are extremely important to us. We actively listen to our clients and help them understand their needs and goals. Our team is expert in establishing a relationship with our clients and make them feel at home. Thus, we form bonds with our clients, which helps them make reasonable choices as far as their investment is concerned.

Each day we struggle to become better version of our selves. Our goals are set to challenge what we have achieved yesterday. Moreover, we believe in continuous growth so we track our progress at every point and work to go beyond the bar. Our efforts meant we become a well-reputed organization in the real estate market with several high-end projects.

Beacon Investment believes in values of respect and acknowledgement. We work to stimulate an environment for our employees, which is comfortable and respectful. At our office, we provide an equal chance of growth to everyone and place credit where it is due. Consequently, it makes our offices a safe space filled with learning opportunities.

We actively pursue a policy of incentive for any progress our employees make. The idea is to create an environment of competition, growth and excellence by steering our employees in an upward trajectory. It keeps our employees hard at work and highly motivated to take on the challenges of the job.


Beacon Investment gives the youth, an opportunity once in a lifetime. Our team of professionals in Sales, IT, SEO, Accounting and Finance, CRM and Digital Marketing are giving you 4-6 weeks of training in the department of your choice. You are being given the opportunity to serve as a full-time paid employee after the internship programme.

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Whether you join the Sales or IT department of the Management Trainee Programme, you will receive unparalleled formal training that will enhance your career. We’ve designed the programme to give remarkable candidates like you the business knowledge and training you’ll need to become a future leader.

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Beacon Investment is providing a great opportunity amidst of a health crisis! At Beacon Investment, we have initiated a two week paid internship program looking to provide the youth a platform from which they can earn at home. If you feel that you have what it takes and want to avail the opportunity, then proceed with the following steps.

  • Step 1: Send your resume to
  • Step 2: Please wait for our call to schedule an online interview.

Please mention the department that you want to apply for in your CV. Kindly include your Skype ID and your valid email as well.

Positions available in Marketing, HR, Accounts, Content Writing, IT